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Tenants who immediately after the purchase flats benefited from the services interior architect agree that it was a good decision in terms of saved labor and funds. Such an investment requires the determination of the budget and a well developed plan. In this way the work is organized as best as possible which greatly accelerates its smooth finish. Freedom to use the dressing room provides a space in which, if necessary, can even fit two people. It is assumed that the minimum area in the center of the garment should be 150 cm2. After the construction of the house the next stage before the residence is the selection of appropriate furniture. Then there is the dilemma. Do you choose ready-made furniture from a store or order them in the factory carpenter / g own vision. Of course, price is important but you have to remember that the furniture purchased for the next several years. However, to work with the design phase to materialize needed an experienced performer with proven manufacturing facilities - service. And here the work proceeds Fawr, and the effect can evaluate themselves. The cost of this solution is a little bigger but provides greater comfort and ergonomics made ??furniture, not to mention their uniqueness and originality. Fronts framework consist of a frame made ??of profile MDF, veneer and panels - fill different type and color. Another issue is that in Krakow and Tarnow furniture shop in greater choice than, for example. Jaso. Joint planning, understanding and participation in the creation of an original space, give a unique kind of satisfaction, which will remain in a pleasant memory for a lifetime. taking into account the type of building hardware appliances refrigerator, dishwasher and stove or hot plate. Cabinets are chosen in August to size and taking into account architectural hallway, bedroom or dressing room. And bathroom furniture adapts to the climate and bathroom fittings. Acrylic fronts are made of MDF covered with double-sided acrylic foil with a thickness of 1 mm in the same color. One party front is covered in high-gloss acrylic with protective film, the other is dull. The total thickness of the front is 18 mm. Double-sided acrylic edge banding of the same color in addition to improving the aesthetic effect provides much greater stability fronts. Front rim is stuck in the color plates.

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