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The optimal size wardrobe is one that allows you to set cabinets with a depth of 60-70 cm by two parallel walls and provide a distance between them of at least 110 cm. Recommendation on distance also applies to situations where the enclosure is located on one side of clothing, and the opposite wall. An alternative to the furniture store are custom-made furnishings. Such furniture can include furniture, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and wardrobes and built. These furniture are made to individual order in the / g client project or a project is created by the contractor / g tips ordering. Flats for open space and integrated functions have become the norm for newly built housing. Often, immediately after the purchase, however, the question arises how to deal with such a space left behind? First, the natural instinct is to start your own search for inspiration and the next turning to professionals in the field of interior design. Given that the dressing room is basically a set of a few or several cabinets, it must meet several conditions in order to make optimum use of its space. Another issue is that in Krakow and Tarnow furniture shop in greater choice than, for example. Jaso. Cabinets assembled in the dressing room should have a height dependent on the type of clothing stored in them, such as. Coats or long dresses will require cabinet with a height of 180 cm. Well designed by architect interior takes into account the needs of all members of the household. Working together in the course of consultations guarantees tenants a good mood in both the common areas and in individual space, which allows you to isolate yourself from the problems of everyday life. After the construction of the house the next stage before the residence is the selection of appropriate furniture. Then there is the dilemma. Do you choose ready-made furniture from a store or order them in the factory carpenter / g own vision. Of course, price is important but you have to remember that the furniture purchased for the next several years. The design and manufacture of such furniture takes into account the climate of the entire house, number of household members and their tastes and style of everyday life. Kitchen Furniture Jaslo chosen What is the use of this incredible team Three Days Grace Bullet For My Valentine corifeo Zas Lay Dying Fozzy Anthrax Morro Roach Sevendust Slipknot Stone Sour Kill Devil Hill Fear Factory Ratt Motley Crue FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Korn Guns N Roses leopard travel Killswitch Engage Queensryche Poison Motorhead Buckcherry Staind hell yes Dokken Ozzy Osbourne Puddle of Mudd Lacuna Coil Dream Theater Black Sabbath Lynyrd Skynyrd DIO .

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