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Wooden fronts made ??of precious material show a particular aesthetic appearance. The fronts are formed on the basis of national origin of raw materials, as well as other European and exotic plant species. Beautifully presented both in kitchens and rooms decorated in the style of classic elegance. Bring to the interior a feeling of warmth and coziness.Varnished fronts - are made on the basis of MDF, covered with polyurethane lacquers are highly resistant to moisture. Coatings fronts are finished with matte or gloss with both one and with two sides. Fronts framework consist of a frame made ??of profile MDF, veneer and panels - fill different type and color. Joint planning, understanding and participation in the creation of an original space, give a unique kind of satisfaction, which will remain in a pleasant memory for a lifetime. Given that the dressing room is basically a set of a few or several cabinets, it must meet several conditions in order to make optimum use of its space. Furniture stores offer cheaper but not always in line with the vision of home furnishings. Besides, there are the original and the same furniture we zebaczy with our friends. There are among them an interesting solution but then the price goes up. However, to work with the design phase to materialize needed an experienced performer with proven manufacturing facilities - service. And here the work proceeds Fawr, and the effect can evaluate themselves. Freedom to use the dressing room provides a space in which, if necessary, can even fit two people. It is assumed that the minimum area in the center of the garment should be 150 cm2. Flats for open space and integrated functions have become the norm for newly built housing. Often, immediately after the purchase, however, the question arises how to deal with such a space left behind? First, the natural instinct is to start your own search for inspiration and the next turning to professionals in the field of interior design. Another issue is that in Krakow and Tarnow furniture shop in greater choice than, for example. Jaso. The optimal size wardrobe is one that allows you to set cabinets with a depth of 60-70 cm by two parallel walls and provide a distance between them of at least 110 cm. Recommendation on distance also applies to situations where the enclosure is located on one side of clothing, and the opposite wall.

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