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An alternative to the furniture store are custom-made furnishings. Such furniture can include furniture, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and wardrobes and built. These furniture are made to individual order in the / g client project or a project is created by the contractor / g tips ordering. Freedom to use the dressing room provides a space in which, if necessary, can even fit two people. It is assumed that the minimum area in the center of the garment should be 150 cm2. The design and manufacture of such furniture takes into account the climate of the entire house, number of household members and their tastes and style of everyday life. Kitchen Furniture Jaslo chosen Wooden fronts made ??of precious material show a particular aesthetic appearance. The fronts are formed on the basis of national origin of raw materials, as well as other European and exotic plant species. Beautifully presented both in kitchens and rooms decorated in the style of classic elegance. Bring to the interior a feeling of warmth and coziness.Varnished fronts - are made on the basis of MDF, covered with polyurethane lacquers are highly resistant to moisture. Coatings fronts are finished with matte or gloss with both one and with two sides. Well designed by architect interior takes into account the needs of all members of the household. Working together in the course of consultations guarantees tenants a good mood in both the common areas and in individual space, which allows you to isolate yourself from the problems of everyday life. Acrylic fronts are made of MDF covered with double-sided acrylic foil with a thickness of 1 mm in the same color. One party front is covered in high-gloss acrylic with protective film, the other is dull. The total thickness of the front is 18 mm. Double-sided acrylic edge banding of the same color in addition to improving the aesthetic effect provides much greater stability fronts. Front rim is stuck in the color plates. Width of the entrance to the dressing room should be 90 cm. Tenants who immediately after the purchase flats benefited from the services interior architect agree that it was a good decision in terms of saved labor and funds. Such an investment requires the determination of the budget and a well developed plan. In this way the work is organized as best as possible which greatly accelerates its smooth finish. Important elements of design are used kitchen furniture furniture fronts. The existence of a large selection of these fronts. Below is presented the short characteristics. Another issue is that in Krakow and Tarnow furniture shop in greater choice than, for example. Jaso.

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